Tankship Management Ltd. offers independent inspection services on behalf of concerned third parties. Such inspections mitigate the risks involved in acquiring unknown assets, for existing clients, 3rd Party clients and Financial Institutions such as banks and insurance companies. These inspections would normally include a Technical inspection, a Pre-Purchase inspection or a Pre-Dry Dock inspection.

These inspections are conducted to the same thorough standards as would be the case for vessels under current Company management. Depending upon the ship type, access to ship and any specific Client requirements, an Executive Summary would be compiled and forwarded to the Client within 48 hours of the ship visit completion.

A full report with any supporting documentation would then be forwarded to clients in electronic and hard formats within seven days of the inspection completion. The Tankship Management Ltd. standard Inspection Report covers the hereunder listed items, and would be accompanied with relevant supporting documentation and photographic evidence. Any defects noted would be listed and be accompanied with suggested remedial actions, which remedial actions would include Budgeted Costings.