Ship owners and operators need to ensure compliance with an ever increasing amount of regulatory requirements which continue to become more stringent, besides ever increasing in overall number and in their breadth of coverage.

The recent coming into force of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) provided just such a challenge which Tankship Management Ltd. overcame with the required attention to detail; whilst managing to audit and certify the vessels under its management well in advance of the entry into force of the convention. Other significant legislation which is well on its way to implementation by Flag State administrations, is the Ballast Water Convention, and risk assessed managed processes to enhance Cyber Security onboard.

In light of the increasing difficulty in continuing to self-manage an ever expanding body of legislation, it makes sense for ship owners and operators to pass on the responsibility for regulatory compliance to third parties with the necessary specialist knowledge and compliance control systems. In this respect Tankship Management Ltd. can provide its services either as part of a complete third party ship management package or as a separate consultancy package.

Tankship Management Ltd. endeavours to maximize the operational efficiency and better the physical condition of its managed vessels in strict compliance with applicable International and National regulations, whilst carefully attending to any specific requirements its customers may request.

Tankship Management Ltd. aims to maintain and continually improve its standards of service delivery and regulatory compliance through its Quality Assurance and Safety Management System which is certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards. The management system comprises detailed policies and procedures which are under continual review for continued compliance with applicable legislation and customer requirements. Tankship Management Ltd. also has a dedicated team responsible for monitoring new regulatory developments, providing compliance advice to managers.